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Facial Surgery Procedures

There are several procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the face. Some of these procedures include facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), fat transfers, neck lift, chin or facial implants, lip augmentation and ear or eyelid surgery. Procedures for the face may be for cosmetic purposes, reconstructive such as after an accident or medical reasons, for example, rhinoplasty to correct a breathing problem. Dr. Marvel, a board certified cosmetic surgeon, offers facial procedures to residents of Nashville, Tullahoma and the rest of Middle Tennesse.

Our Facial Surgeries


Often referred to as a “nose job” or a “nose reshaping” by many patients, people choose rhinoplasty for a variety of reasons. It can correct cosmetic problems, like a bump or a hook as well as structural problems, like difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum.


As we age loose skin, fat deposits and weakened tissues beneath the skin cause the face to sag, principally along the jawline and into the neck. Facelift surgery lifts and tightens the underlying tissues of the face to reduces sagging and excess fat deposits.

Eyelid Surgery

The eyes account for a large part of your face’s expression. They project an array of emotions, including happiness, sorrow, and fear. The eyes themselves are virtually expressionless structures. It is the contour of the skin – the tissue, muscle, fat, hair and lashes around the eyes – that conveys expression.

Facial Implants

Many people are unhappy with a specific part of their face. Whether it’s an undefined jaw, a weak chin, or sunken cheekbones, facial implants can restore volume, add definition and improve the overall balance of your face. The results are subtle and natural, yet they provide a dramatic improvement.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that adds volume and fullness to the lips. The most common method of lip augmentation is an injectable filler.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or sometimes described as “pinning back” the ears, is designed to change the ear shape and contour. It may be performed on anyone over the age of six years old – when ear growth is almost complete. For children with severely protruding ears, it is recommended surgery be performed at an early age before they are subjected to psychological stress related to the condition.

Fat Transfers

A fat transfer procedure is also known as fat grafting or fat injection transfers fat from body areas where excess fat exists, such as the outer thighs to areas where the volume may be lacking; for example the buttocks, breasts, face or hands.

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What You Need to Know

During the consultation, Dr. Marvel will examine your facial features, ask you questions about your medical history and evaluate your general physical condition. The result of this examination will determine procedures involved. For example, a Rhinoplasty involves the reshaping of the nose, while a facelift requires making an incision that follows the hairline.


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Post-Treatment Care

We want you to be happy with your results. That's why we have a great post-treatment care plan for you. Make sure to follow our instructions so you can heal quickly and look amazing!

What Everyone Is Saying

Maker Table
Maker Table
They took great care of me and my wife! Results are amazing and they were available for all of my questions along the way.
Dr Noah performed my procedure. I am very impressed with the result. Dr Noah exceeded my expectations. I've never been this confident about myself before. I was nervous and anxious, but Dr Noah and Sandra always answered all my questions and were available when I had concerns. I am beyond happy and grateful to Dr Noah and the entire staff.
kathy myers
kathy myers
Can't say enough about Dr. Marvel and his amazing staff. He has done several procedures on me, and they are perfection. I have not had to take any pain pills, I didn't even bruise with my procedures. He is also extremely honest, if he doesn't think you need something done he will tell you that, which is unheard of these days. I highly recommend him
TheAbstract Yogi
TheAbstract Yogi
I’m two week post-op from a BBL and I love my results so far! My waistline is exactly how I envisioned. My bum looks awesome as well, can’t wait for final results. Dr Noah did my procedure, he’s a true artist and listened to my concerns. The nurses were wonderful and Maria does lymphatic massages, she’s been a huge help and gives great BBL advice. Thank you Dr Noah! Hazel Webster/Nashville
Margarita Burns
Margarita Burns
I couldn’t be happier with the results that I received from my surgery at Marvel Cosmetics. For years I’ve exercised and ate healthier in an effort to maintain my weight. I’ve always been on the heavier side. Fortunately, I was able to drop about 60lbs, but there was an excess of loose skin and muscle loss in my stomach that I couldn’t tone or tighten. I received a few consultations, but I didn’t feel that everything was right until after having a consultation with Dr. Alisha Jefferson. She’s personable, patient, and made me feel extremely comfortable. She performed a tummy tuck w/muscle repair and lipo on my back. Im currently 9 weeks post op…my recovery went well, the incision is perfect, and my overall results met my expectations.. Additionally, her team was great from beginning to end.
Sara Sierra
Sara Sierra
Me sentí muy bien por el personal hablan Español y me hicieron sentir muy bien y un trabajo muy bueno Gracias
Veronica Rodriguez
Veronica Rodriguez
recién NUEVA Yo tuve! el gusto de operarme con el Dr Noah y me fue de maravilla es un excelentemente cirujano lo recomiendo mucho sin dudarlo y su Asistente Sandra muy eficiente y preparada , la señorita Mónica muy amable se toma el tiempo para contestar cualquier duda que tenga ,así que si piensan operarse en Nashville? Se los recordar a ciegas el Dr Noah de Marvel Cosmetic gracias 😌☺️🙏